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The following rules determine the procedures for visiting, accommodation, and using services at the hotel Kerpė, Vytauto str. 76, Palanga (hereinafter hotel Kerpė), which must be followed by all guests of the hotel.


  1. The guest and those who come along to the hotel must present a valid ID document.
  2. When the guest(s) arrive at the hotel, he/she is presented with a guest card, and it is necessary to fill in the data of a valid ID document (passport or ID card).
  3. The arrival of individual guests at the hotel starts from 3 pm, departure until 12 noon.
  4. When registering a guest, the administrator of the hotel Kerpė uses the data of the ID document provided, and after completing the registration, returns the personal document to the guest.
  5. The guest must pay the bill on the day of arrival (there may be exceptions) if it was not paid before the arrival of the guest due to the pre-invoice.
  6. The rooms can accommodate 1-2 persons, they pay the full cost of the room. At the request of the guest, an additional person can be added for an additional fee.
  7. The guest can pay in cash (EUR) or using bank credit cards.
  8. Advance reservations are confirmed in advance by payment of a reservation fee equivalent to 100 percent of the total cost of the stay. In exceptional cases, the advance payment can be 50 percent.
  9. In the case of cancellation of a reservation, shortening of a reservation, or non-arrival of a guest, a cancellation fee shall apply.
  10. In the case of cancellation/shortening of the reservation or non-arrival of the guest, the cancellation fee is charged in the following cases at a fixed percentage:
    • 30% of up to one week’s booking price in case of cancellation/shortening at least 5 days before the arrival of the guest*;
    • In case of cancellation/shortening of the reservation less than 5 days before the arrival of the guest, 50% of the total value of the booking.
    • 100% of the total order value in case of cancellation/shortening of reservation less than 24 hours before arrival.
  11. In case of refusal or late payment of the reservation fee, the guest can be accommodated due to general order.
  12. The time of refusal of the customer’s room reservation is calculated until 3 pm of the day of arrival.
  13. The hotel’s guests staying for less than 24 hours still pay a price for a full day.
  14. A late check out of up to 6 pm can be provided on an early request for an additional fee (50 percent of the daily cost of the room).
  15. If a guest paid for the services provided by the Kerpė hotel but decided not to use them, the payment will not be refunded. Leaving the hotel earlier than the reservation time does not result in the payment for unused services returned to the guest.
  16. In the case of absence of a guest, a fee is charged for the downtime of the booked room.
  17. For your own safety, it is forbidden to bring outsiders into the room. Only registered guests and those who paid for accommodation can stay in the rooms.
  18. Hotel Kerpė is open daily, 24/7.
  19. Guests with animals must warn the administration in advance, and the owner of the animal must prove (by providing an animal passport) that the animal is not aggressive and cannot harm other guests of the hotel (an additional fee will be charged).
  20. The hotel reserves the right to exclude unwanted persons in accordance with the hotel’s internal rules of procedure and other regulations of the Republic of Lithuania that are relevant to the situation.
  21. When the inventory/equipment of the hotel is lost or damaged, the guest must compensate the loss. If the damage does not allow guests to be accommodated, the full cost of the number shall be paid during the period of removal of the damage.
  22. The parents (or guardians/accompanying adults) take full responsibility for the health, safety, appropriate behaviour, and compliance with these rules of children under 18 and disabled persons staying at the hotel.
  23. If for some reason any services or goods purchased or used by guests of the hotel are left unpaid, the hotel has the right to deduct the corresponding amount for goods and/or services from the guest’s account (credit card, etc.). Guests agree to pay in full for purchased goods and/or services even after departure.
  24. Guests must store valuable items in a safe in the room. The hotel is not liable for items left outside the room’s safe.
  25. The hotel agrees to store forgotten belongings found at the hotel for 3 months after the departure of the guest. These items will not be used by anyone for the entire storage period.
  26. Photographing or filming within the territory and premises of the hotel is possible only with the written consent of the administration.
  27. All rooms of the hotel are non-smoking rooms.
  28. Alcoholic beverages are delivered to the rooms until 10 pm.



  1. Reorganise furniture (without permission of the administration).
  2. Store easily flammable materials in the rooms and spaces of the hotel.
  3. To damage the inventory of the hotel.
  4. Accommodate more persons than the hotel administrator was informed about.
  5. It is forbidden to not inform the administration if the inventory of the hotel is broken.
  6. Leave electrical appliances on.
  7. Use of electrical appliances, unless those devices are provided by the administration and given with a prior notice (it is not forbidden to use various chargers for computers, phones, shaving machines, hair dryers, etc.).
  8. Keep animals and birds in rooms without prior notification of the administration.
  9. Keep aggressive animals that can harm other guests of the hotel.
  10. Preventing other guests of the hotel from enjoying their stay.
  11. Make too much noise from 10 pm to 7 am (playing music or playing musical instruments, singing, shouting, whistling, and other unacceptable behaviour). If a guest does not comply with the rule mentioned above, he/she shall be fined Eur 100 and shall compensate for any other losses related to this event.
  12. Smoking in the rooms of the hotel and on the balconies belonging to them is strictly prohibited. The fine for smoking is 50 euros. Smoking is only allowed in specially equipped and adapted places. For the safety of guests of the hotel, all rooms are equipped with smoke and fire alarms.
  13. It is forbidden to leave young children unattended in the rooms and spaces of the hotel, and parents or guardians of minor children must ensure their safety at all times.
  14. Guests cannot bring outsiders to the hotel without informing the administrator of the hotel first.
  15. Carry your own food and drinks (both soft and alcoholic) to the spa area of the hotel.
  16. Bring dangerous tools, weapons, or other similar equipment to the hotel’s territory. The introduction, use, storage, and use of any narcotic or other psychotropic substances is prohibited. In all such cases, the administration of the hotel always calls the police.
  17. It is prohibited to not comply with the internal rules of the hotel and all legislation acts of the Republic of Lithuania that define the security of persons and the prevention of any potential threats.




  1. Guests must follow the general rules of the hotel.
  2. Pay immediately for all services provided (exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis).
  3. When leaving the hotel, guests must hand over the door key to the administrator and make sure that all services are paid for.
  4. Strictly follow the rules of fire safety.
  5. When leaving the room, make sure that all electrical appliances are properly turned off: lights, TV, etc.
  6. Keep in mind to check that all hot and cold water taps are not running.
  7. When checking out, make sure that the room is securely locked and outsiders cannot enter it.
  8. If there is any malfunction in the room, it is necessary to notify the administration.
  9. The room key can be issued only after the guest of the hotel has presented an ID document. If a key is lost or damaged, a fine of EUR 15 is applied.
  10. If a guest is not reachable until 2 pm and he/she has not vacated the room, the administration reserves the right to transfer the items contained in the room to the storage space.
  11. In any extreme case, guests of the hotel must first contact the reception using the phone number +370 460 52379 or dial the number 9 from the room.



  • Breakfast at the hotel is provided daily from 9 am to 11 am at Barcode restaurant.

(the restaurant is operated by MB Palanga Baras, director Marius Balsys)

  • Room service is open Monday-Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm, Friday-Saturday from 8 am to 7pm, Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • The rooms of the hotel are cleaned only when requested by the guest by calling the reception and hanging the badge “please clean the room” on the outer side of the door.
  • Towels and bathrobes are changed at the request of the guest, bed sheets are changed every 3 days.
  • The staff of the hotel, without disturbing the guests of the hotel, can perform minor repairs.
  • The room temperature during the heating season should be at least 18° C.
  • The administration of the hotel has the right to enter the rooms of the guests for security purposes.
  • If the administration finds forgotten items, they will be immediately returned to the owners if only possible. If the owner cannot be reached or identified, the items will be disposed of after 3 months of storing.
  • The hotel is not liable for lost valuables and/or damage caused to them in the hotel’s rooms or SPA spaces.
  • The administration reserves the right to evict the guest without returning the money paid for the stay. The administration of the hotel always contacts competent institutions when needed.
  • For your own safety, the shared spaces of the hotel are equipped with video surveillance cameras.


  1. The administration always welcomes suggestions to improve the quality of services provided, e-mail:
  2. Proposals or complaints of guests of the hotel are considered during the meetings of the administration and managers on the dates set.



To insure against accidents and to warn about proper and safe behaviour in times of danger, we would ask you to follow the fire safety rules:

  • when leaving the room, turn off the TV, radio, lights, etc.;
  • we must remind you that it is dangerous to cover floor lamps and table lamps with flammable materials;
  • all rooms of the hotel are non-smoking rooms;
    • do not carry or store explosive substances or substances likely to cause fire in the room;
    • get to know the evacuation plan; try to remember which spots can be used for evacuation;

If you smell smoke or in the case of fire in your room:

  • immediately notify the hotel’s administration via phone by dialling 9, or call the fire department using the number 112;
  • if you cannot easily extinguish the fire, leave the room and close the door without locking it;
  • move out of the danger zone and act in accordance with the instructions given by the Fire Rescue Service.

In case of fire outside your room:

  • immediately report it to the Fire Rescue Service by telephone number 112 or inform reception by dialling 9, and exit your room only when you close the windows and doors;
  • In order not to get smoke poisoning, cover the cracks and ducts of the ventilation system with wet towels or bed sheets.
  • Try to notify the administration about your location by phone.
  • When firefighters arrive at the scene, come to the window and call for help.
  • It is important that you do not panic in the event of a fire. Memorise the evacuation plan and these relevant instructions for the case of fire.




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