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UAB “RADA” is carrying out a project funded under Measure No 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860 “Covid-19 e-Commerce Model” of the Operational Programme for Investment of European Union Funds 2014-2020, Priority 13 “Promoting actions to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and preparing for economic recovery”.


In order to recover from the pandemic and to increase the company’s turnover and competitiveness, UAB “RADA” plans to implement e-commerce solutions during this project. The aim of the project is therefore to implement information technology to manage business transactions electronically in order to increase the company’s revenue growth. It is expected that this investment will enable the company to increase its sales revenues smoothly and in significant volumes and to successfully overcome the difficulties created by the pandemic.

Following the successful implementation of the project, the relevant activities will be continued, i.e. the company will invest its own funds in the development of the e-commerce model and supporting activities, the continuation of the e-commerce activities, and the expansion of the company’s direct activities.

The funding for the project from the European Regional Development Fund amounts to EUR 22 500.00. The total value of the project is EUR 30 000.00.

Start of project activities: February 2022.

End of project activities: December 2022.

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