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200 GIFT

A GIFT is one of the most pleasant surprises that gives the most wonderful emotions.


In the very center of the city, next to the historical Tiškevičiai Palace, you will find us – the four-star hotel “Kerpė”, located just a few minutes away from the Baltic Sea. “Kerpė” gets its name from the fresh coastal winds and generous waves, which give the world the magical amber and the healing lichen. We aim for guests to feel the healing and revitalizing powers of nature while resting in our hotel – recharge with new energy, experience deep relaxation and create many pleasant memories. We have prepared even more gifts for those who love the element of water. The “Kerpės SPA” wellness center invites guests to enjoy a whirlpool, a steam bath and an ice tub. Sauna rituals will give your body a glow, and beauty treatments – body and face massages, scrubs, wraps – will revive and remind you of a better state of well-being even after the vacation is over.


Give special experiences to your loved one, colleague, friend, loved one and of course yourself.

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