SPA center Biodroga means for body and soul

Human being is a child of nature therefore only the mother knows what fits the best for her child. SPA procedures which are surrounded with the water philosophy allow to regain Your strength and feel the comfort as well as cosiness and harmony.
 SPA body care procedures
(2 procedures the least are recommended)

SPA set:                                                                      2 hour 15 min
(relaxing, body cleansing, reducing stress) 
  • Turkish steam sauna with Jacuzzi                                   60 min
  • full body peeling with aromatic salt on a                           15 min
    heated marble table
  • (removes old skin cells, opens up the pores) 
  • full body relaxing massage with essential oils                   60 min
  • relaxation in a lounge with a cup of tea                             15 min

Price per set:                                                         for the hotel guests
per one person                                 76,00 €                          67,00 €

order for two, price per each           61,00 €                           57,00 €

Take a dip into depth of water 
(Aromatic mud and algae body wrap)
This procedure relaxes, improves the skin and makes it elastic, reduces cellulite, stimulates the process of cleansing and slag removal.
First of all, body peeling with the Dead Sea salt, green algae and essential oils is done, then algae aroma-masks are applied and the body is wrapped into thermo-foil. Then, light body massage is applied.
Duration of procedure - 90 min. Price - 41,00 €

Milk and honey body mask
Biologically active substances containing in the mask make the skin silky and soft already after the first procedure. The mask restores the skin balance, improves skin elasticity.
First of all, body peeling, then milk and honey mask are applied and the body is wrapped into thermo-foil. Then, light body massage is applied.
Duration of procedure  - 90 min. Price - 41,00 €

Massage with lava stones polished by the Atlantic waters for millions of years and brought by the owner from Tenerife Island
(This lava stones massage is done according to traditions of American Indians)
Warm lava stones are placed on body energetic points, together with heat they release the energy which relaxes and harmonizes the body and the soul. The massage stimulates immune system and improve tissue metabolism.
Duration of procedure - 80 min. Price - 41,00 €

Honey massage
Honey massage is recommended as a procedure to strengthen general condition of the body, and efficient in anti-cellulite programs. It opens all body pores, removes dead skin cells, cleanses slag and promotes the removal of toxins from the body, activates blood circulation. The skin becomes smooth, supple, firmer, smoother and obtains nicer color.
Duration of procedure:
Whole body - 80 min. Price - 41,00 €
Back - 40 min. Price - 22,00 €

Relaxing full body massage
Recommended in case of fatigue, increased sensitivity and psychological overpressure. The massage relaxes the nervous system, reduces fatigue, stress and other negative emotions.
Duration of procedure - 60 min. Price - 32,00 €

Classic full body massage
We recommend in case of full body strain, feeling of pressure and stress.
Classic massage improves metabolism, relaxes the nervous system and muscles.
Duration of procedure - 60 min. Price - 35,00 €

Classic back massage
Recommended in case of pressure in the back, neck and shoulder girdle.
The massage relaxes the muscles and eliminates pain.
Duration of procedure - 30 min. Price - 18,00 €

Head, neck and shoulder girdle massage
Recommended for those working with computer and those performing seated activity for a long time. The massage relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation and soothes.
Duration of procedure - 30 min. Price - 18,00 €

Aromatic feet wrapping with massage
Revitalizes legs and stimulates points of all organs located in the feet.
Duration of procedure - 30 min. Price - 15,00 €

Tibetan cups massage
The massage improves the circulation of peripheral blood, lymph and intercellular fluids, and skin breathing. Reduces cellulite and swelling, skin becomes more resilient. This procedure also removes deposits of sebaceous and sweat glands.
Duration of procedure:  Back - 30 min. Price - 18,00 €
Buttocks, thighs and abdomen - 45 min. Price - 24,00 €

Full body peeling on a heated marble table
Aromatic salt peeling improves oxygen-saturated blood circulation on the skin surface and helps deeper penetration of oils. It improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins and makes the skin smooth. Eliminates the layer of dead skin cells, revitalises the skin and gives it silky touch.
Recommended in sauna or before massage.
Duration of procedure - 15 min. Price - 15,00 €

SPA procedures for face

Facial massage
During the massage excellent results in the fight against dryness, cuperosis and premature aging can be achieved. Elasticity of the tissues and muscles is being restored.
Duration of procedure - 30 min. Price - 21,00 €

Become gorgeous in a short period of time...

Absolutely unique cosmetic products. It contains mud and minerals from the Dead Sea, liposome complex, oxygen, vitamins. During the treatment, skin cleaning and toning is followed by peeling and relaxing face and neck massage. Provides moisture, nourishes and makes the skin more resilient.

Duration of procedure - 60 min. Price - 29,00 €

Deep moisturizing procedure
During the treatment, skin cleaning and toning is followed by peeling and relaxing face massage with serum. The massage is followed by deeply moisturizing collagen-based mask.
This procedure moisturizes, optimizes the ability of the skin to keep moisture, stimulates skin regeneration, improves skin elasticity and resistance, stimulates microcirculation, activates skin metabolism, and evens up the lines and wrinkles. Result: even and fresh skin.
Duration of procedure  - 60 min. Price - 35,00 €

Procedure for men. Morning after...
Light back massage. Face cleansing procedure with a cleanser containing peeling granules, massage and light "coffee hit" activates all functions of the face skin and improves wellbeing.
Duration of procedure - 60 min. Price - 35,00 €

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Turkish bath with jacuzzi till 4 person for our hotel guests

Turkish bath with jacuzzi till 4 person

Additional person
from 12.15 till 18.00 hour
1 hour - 26,00 €

from 12.15 till 24.00
1 hour - 35,00 €

9,00 €
Jacuzzi for 2 persons
for our hotel guests    

Jacuzzi for 2 persons

Towel rent  

from 12.15 till 18.00 hour
 1 hour - 12,00 €

from 12.15- 18.00 hour   1 hour - 18,00 €

1,00 €

6,00 €
Single slippers1,50 €
Jacuzzi for our hotel guestsFrom 8.00 - 12.00 AM - FREE

Contacts for turkish bath orders:
Tel.: +370 460 52379



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